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The oldest methods of unearthing delightful flavors by hydrating any loose leaf teas with careful selection of appropriate water temperature and volume at a preset time. Charmingly simple yet entailing careful precision of measuring and steeping every loose leaf tea variety with spring quality water results in drawing out subtle flavors. After using loose tea leaves once in the pot during first infusion, loose leaves can be used for subsequent infusions for providing eternal pleasure.
BREW TIME: 3-5 mins
Equipment: Scale, Tea Pot


Unique extraction method to produce a key component of our natural tea menu option whereby meticulous selection of seasonal fresh fruits and herbs is incorporated with our healthiest loose leaf tea espresso shot. The fresh ingredients are paired with our applicable single origin loose leaf tea variety and infused with locally sourced honey from bee hives placed all over London. Enjoyed hot or cold, natural tea with Green Tea Espresso Shot would augment brightness which can complement either a gloomy or sunny day by bestowing a perfect dose of anti-oxidants. Chai is also incorporated with our Black Loose Leaf Tea Espresso shot.
BREW TIME: 25-45 secs
Equipment: Grinder, Scale, Espresso Machine


Siphon is perfect for executing the chemical process required by our careful selection of loose leaf tea varieties which allows exposure of teas leaves to complete immersion in clean distilled water at appropriate temperature. The brewing process is perfect for extracting flavors from our blacks, oolongs and rooibos tea varieties leveraging glass chambers through vacuum and vapor pressure. After perfecting the Siphon Coffee, we applied this fascinating method for brewing our single origin teas.
BREW TIME: 2-4 mins
Equipment: Scale, Siphon, Burner, Filter


Drinks on tap accentuates the craft of brewing with perfection. Application of long brewing time to our selection of loose leaf tea varieties heightens the multitude of our tea offerings as well as inspire the extraction of complex and composed flavor notes. Infusion with pure nitrogen spawns a nitro brew tea predilection which transcends the selection of draft brew offerings available anywhere on tap and compliments well with our brewing techniques.
BREW TIME: 16-24 hours
Equipment: Scale, Cold Brew Bucket, Mesh, N2 Gas