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Crafting a recipe and seamless execution helps in extracting an excellent espresso. Careful monitoring of weight, temperature, pressure, even distribution of freshly ground coffee beans and well balanced purified water, a path is formed to brew a concentrated cup of coffee whereby the barista accomplishes the task with patience and practice. A perfect espresso shot offers an equilibrium of balance, acidity, viscosity, sweetness, and depth with transcending congruence.
BREW TIME: 25-45 secs
Equipment: Grinder, Scale, Espresso Machine

+Pour Over

Pour Over Coffee is a perfect symphony of whirlpools and eddies along with captivating aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans to extract an even and balanced cup. The process to extract via pouring is exceptionally modest yet exceedingly compounded requiring few simple tools. Pour Over will be reminiscent of one from a everyday drip coffeemaker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. A persistent pour, breezy bloom and uniform separation are key elements of a pour over.
BREW TIME: 3-5 mins
Equipment: Grinder, Scale, V60, Goose Neck Kettle, Filter


Absolute immersion of the freshly ground coffee beans is truly accomplished in an apparatus comprising of two vacuum chambers & leveraging vapor pressure. The siphon process is captivating and enthralling which aids in crafting an evenly balanced and cultivated cup that can be relished by both a coffee tyro or a coffee connoisseur. One of the most fascinating brewing method which desires to be witnessed for appreciating the complexity of the multifarious coffee bean.
BREW TIME: 1-3 mins
Equipment: Grinder, Scale, Siphon, Filter, Burner


With a bit of fortitude and ingenuity, a slow and cold extraction process is prepared to concoct a delicious and flavorful cup of coffee. A quick extraction setup paralleled with a delayed separation of coffee compounds benefits a very balanced cold brew drink seemly for all seasons. Long brewing time along with pure nitrogen infusion characterizes our nitro brew. Selection of precise coffee bean variety & roast along with an even grind size marks the foundation of this modest extraction process.
BREW TIME: 16-24 hours
Equipment: Grinder, Scale, Cold Brew Bucket, Filter, N2 Gas